One Hundred Years of the Federal Reserve

Just for fun – here is the two hundred years BIG picture – so you can get a perspective on things. An angle on it, if you will:

Federal Reserve Centenary - Cause for Celebrations?

After one hundred years, look what they managed to do with the USD

The extreme right of the  graph represents what is know in the trade as the “final death throes”…before finally expiring exhausted after a long hard fought struggle, alas all in vain.

Well, well. They must be slapping each others on the back right now. Howling
with laughter. Tears of joy running down their faces. – Picture it:

“Well done boys! We screwed them all for the last hundred years! Here’s to the  next hundred years of money printing and theft.


Signing of the Federal Reserve Act - December 23rd 1913

Woodrow Wilson Signing of the Federal Reserve Act – December 23rd 1913

Make sure that you are stacking outside the banking system because these guys wont stop till they have the buttons of your shirt …

So, how do you feel about that?

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BitCoin Knocking on Golds’ Front Door …

bitcoin parity with gold price

Bitcoin to rival gold?

Well it has come to pass…BitCoin is now knocking on Golds’ front door as it has been for some time now…In fact a very long time in BitCoin time units (a week or two).

There is only five USD difference between them. Imagine!

Will it happen?

How high can this go?

Where will it (and even more importantly Gold) go to next?

Well after a long hard struggle for the last five years the upstart crypto-currency is giving gold a rollicking and chance to prove itself. What does this mean exactly? Has the planet gone nuts? Or has another paradigm shift taken place?

Be prepared for a journey of thrills and adventure! Stay tuned folks!

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