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History has demonstrated that it is at times like these that the greatest of fortunes are made and lost

We are about to end the biggest monetary experiment in history architected and crafted by the key players, what I call the Global Cabal: At the heart – FIAT Central: The Federal Reserve System, and the US Treasury Department, The ESF; “The City” (Barclays Banks, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, …); The New York Banksters (J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, …), The Swiss/European Banks (UBS, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Sienna, …); and the usual suspects (committing crimes near you for the last 1,500 years): The Vatican, The Crown, Central Banks, Big Government, Big Enterprise Corporations, …The list is endless and they have all had a go at taking your money.

Well now Trillions of US Dollars are missing and between the US Government, The Banksters, the Central Banks, The Pentagon, and numerous other players they expect us to stomp up…again… Well, that ain’t gonna happen – not with me.

The old fiat System is being destroyed right now – and you will either get destroyed in this event or you will thrive and survive. Which do you want? I know what I want – Thirve and Survive!

In early 2008 after the initial Financial Crisis up to 2011 it seemed clear that Gold and Silver would be the only thing that could save us and preserve us. Well today that is not so clear, and a mysterious character called Sathoshi Nakamoto trundled briefly onto the scene with a brilliant and profound alternative to an otherwise trusted seven thousand year old system to our de-facto gold and silver standards (and then disappeared again just as quickly): namely Cryptocurrencies – but what are Cryptocurrencies exactly? Can they be trusted? Who, if anyone is behind these Cryptocurrencies? Do I buy Gold, Silver or Cryptocurrencies? Which should I buy first? How much should I buy? Where should I store them? All good questions.

And the kind of questions we like to address …