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Ukraine Loses All 33 Tonnes of Its National Gold Early One Morning

33 Tonnes of Ukraine gold gone

unmarked plane spir­it­ed 33 Tonnes of Gold away

It seems that last week 33 Tonnes of Gold left the Ukraine in an unmarked
air­craft and has left the coun­try, pre­sum­ably for safe­keep­ing, but more than
like­ly for­ev­er. I doubt that the Ukrain­ian Peo­ple will ever see that Gold

The sto­ry broke two weeks ago in the Ukrain­ian Russ­ian lan­guage pub­li­ca­tion iskra

Here is what the arti­cle states:

  • event took place at ‘Boryspil Inter­na­tion­al Air­port’
  • event occurred at 2 am
  • over 40 heavy box­es loaded
  • about 15 men in black with body armor — some armed with rifles
  • some oth­er men got onto the plan
  • The plane took-off in a hur­ry (emer­gency take-off) des­ti­na­tion unknown
  • When work­ers report­ed to local air­port author­i­ties they were told to “mind their own busi­ness”
  • The vehi­cles used to load to bring the box­es were unmarked
  • Order was giv­en by act­ing Prime Min­is­ter Arseniy Yas­tenyuk

Here is my take on this sto­ry:

  • The Gold is gone for­ev­er
  • dis­ap­peared into the same black-hole as the Gaddafi Gold dur­ing the NATO raid on Libya
  • Mr Yas­tenyuk is not an elect­ed leader of Ukraine
  • Mr Yas­tenyuk has expe­ri­ence as a Cen­tral Banker — is this real­ly a coin­ci­dence?
  • rumor #1 — that the Gold was flown to the New York Fed­er­al Reserve
  • rumor #2 — flow to Switzer­land to be shared/stored by Yulia Tymoshenko and cronies
  • plane was unwmarked and had no win­dows — hmm­mm — if it was a 737 it is prob­a­bly CIA Oper­a­tions
  • rumor #3 — Black­wa­ter did the dirty work — any filth Wash­ing­ton needs done can be done by these guys — mur­der­ing, rap­ping, loot­ing, sack­ing …
  • GATA — Chris Pow­ell — New York Fed on Ukrain­ian gold reserves: Don’t ask us
  • GATA — Chris Pow­ell — Russ­ian-Ukrain­ian news site describes trans­fer of Ukrain­ian gold to U.S.

Here is a Google Trans­la­tion of the text:

As our site work­ers air­port “Borispol” , this night in 2–00 , with the des­ig­nat­ed air­port run­way start­ed unreg­is­tered trans­port plane …

Accord­ing to the staff “Boryspil” , before it came to the air­port four col­lec­tor car and two car­go minibus Volk­swa­gen, thus, all the arriv­ing truck license plate miss­ing . Car pulled out of about fif­teen peo­ple in black uni­forms , masks and body armor . Some of them were armed with machine guns . These peo­ple have down­loaded the plane more than forty heavy box­es …

After that , some mys­te­ri­ous men arrived too entered the plane . All load­ing was car­ried out in a huge hur­ry . After unload­ing the car with­out license plates imme­di­ate­ly left the run­way , and the plane took off on an emer­gency basis …

All who saw this mys­te­ri­ous “spe­cial oper­a­tion” air­port offi­cials imme­di­ate­ly noti­fied the admin­is­tra­tion of ” Boryspil “, from which received a strong rec­om­men­da­tion ” not to med­dle in oth­er peo­ple’s busi­ness” …

Lat­er, the edi­tors called back one of the senior offi­cials of the for­mer Min­istry of income and fees, which report­ed that , accord­ing to him, tonight, on the orders of one of the ” new lead­ers ” of Ukraine in the Unit­ed States has been tak­en all the gold reserves in Ukraine …

So all very sus­pi­cious. Very, very sup­si­cious.

© Copy­right MMXIII RagingGoldenBull.com

Quote — Einstein on War


Ein­stein on War — He saw what comes next …

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but
World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

  • Albert Ein­stein (said often through­out his life…)

Ein­stein was one smart cook­ie, and after he saw the pow­er of The Bomb, I guess
he saw what comes next. Unfor­tu­nate­ly hope in our inept lead­ers will not be
enough — We need to think for our­selves and work with those around us to
infor­ma and build a bet­ter world to live in. Just sayin’ .…

More Gold­en Mon­ey Quotes

© Copy­right MMXIV RagingGoldenBull.com

One Hundred Years of the Federal Reserve

Just for fun — here is the two hun­dred years BIG pic­ture — so you can get a per­spec­tive on things. An angle on it, if you will:

Federal Reserve Centenary - Cause for Celebrations?

After one hun­dred years, look what they man­aged to do with the USD

The extreme right of the  graph rep­re­sents what is know in the trade as the “final death throes”…before final­ly expir­ing exhaust­ed after a long hard fought strug­gle, alas all in vain.

Well, well. They must be slap­ping each oth­ers on the back right now. Howl­ing
with laugh­ter. Tears of joy run­ning down their faces. — Pic­ture it:

Well done boys! We screwed them all for the last hun­dred years! Here’s to the  next hun­dred years of mon­ey print­ing and theft.


Signing of the Federal Reserve Act - December 23rd 1913

Woodrow Wil­son Sign­ing of the Fed­er­al Reserve Act — Decem­ber 23rd 1913

Make sure that you are stack­ing out­side the bank­ing sys­tem because these guys wont stop till they have the but­tons of your shirt …

So, how do you feel about that?

© Copy­right MMXIII RagingGoldenBull.com

BitCoin Knocking on Golds’ Front Door …

bitcoin parity with gold price

Bit­coin to rival gold?

Well it has come to pass…BitCoin is now knock­ing on Golds’ front door as it has been for some time now…In fact a very long time in Bit­Coin time units (a week or two).

There is only five USD dif­fer­ence between them. Imag­ine!

Will it hap­pen?

How high can this go?

Where will it (and even more impor­tant­ly Gold) go to next?

Well after a long hard strug­gle for the last five years the upstart cryp­to-cur­ren­cy is giv­ing gold a rol­lick­ing and chance to prove itself. What does this mean exact­ly? Has the plan­et gone nuts? Or has anoth­er par­a­digm shift tak­en place?

Be pre­pared for a jour­ney of thrills and adven­ture! Stay tuned folks!

© Copy­right MMXIII RagingGoldenBull.com

Quote — Norm Franz on Gold, Silver and Debt

Norm Franz takes some quality time out to pose for a photo

Norm Franz — Author and great quo­ta­tion com­pos­er

Gold is the mon­ey of kings, sil­ver is the mon­ey of gen­tle­men, barter is the mon­ey of peas­ants — but debt is the mon­ey of slaves ”

  • Norm Franz (Author, 2001)

Norm Franz is an author and con­cerned about mon­ey. He is also con­cerned about reli­gion and scrip­tures which are not so applic­a­ble to me. But what I can say is that this quote is bang on! It is a mas­ter­ful quote. It is lift­ed from his book Mon­ey and Wealth in the New Mil­len­ni­um (2001).

A much sim­pler ver­sion of the phrase exist­ed for hun­dreds (if not thou­sands) of years before in the form of “Gold is the mon­ey of Kings”.

By buy­ing Gold you can start to get out of our debt based mon­e­tary system…Before it collapses…Which it only a mat­ter of time now…

I think that says it all.

More Gold­en Mon­ey Quotes

© Copy­right MMXIII RagingGoldenBull.com

The Gold Silver Ratio Explained

what is the Gold Silver Ratio, what does it mean, and why is it useful?

The gold sil­ver ratio explained

Today we are going to return to one of the old chest­nuts of the pre­cious
met­al invest­ing world and explain the rela­tion­ship between the two key
met­als gold and sil­ver. Specif­i­cal­ly we will give the answer to the
ques­tion of what is the Gold Sil­ver Ratio mean­ing?

As well you know, gold and sil­ver have been used for the last five
thou­sand years odd as “real mon­ey” and they have always had a tight
rela­tion­ship. Today in our mod­ern world the cen­tral plan­ers have weaned us
onto a paper worth­less cur­ren­cy (aka fake, or more tech­ni­cal­ly fiat
), while they (I guar­an­tee you) are buy­ing and stor­ing up all the
gold and sil­ver they can find with both arms, and feet.

This rela­tion­ship is based on their scarci­ty and how much of it was com­ing
out of the ground — Obvi­ous­ly if one is much more com­mon (Sil­ver) than
the oth­er (Gold), then it is going to be worth less.

Through­out his­to­ry this rela­tion­ship (ratio) has remained fair­ly con­stant
at some­where between twelve to one, and six­teen to one.

So in oth­er words you would need twelve ounces of sil­ver to buy one ounce
of gold. Or Gold was twelve times more valu­able than sil­ver. Some­times you
would need six­teen ounces of Sil­ver to buy one ounce of Gold.

The Gold Silver Ratio Calculation Method

The ration between gold and Silver allows us to better understand market sentiment - and where it may be out of line

Gold Sil­ver Ratio Cal­cu­la­tion

So what is the Gold Sil­ver Ratio today? Well for that we sim­ply do the
sim­ple Gold Sil­ver Ratio Cal­cu­la­tion — Divide the cur­rent USD price of
Gold, into the cur­rent USD price for sil­ver. This gives us 1,350 divid­ed
by 22.6 which gives us a ratio of 59.7. So let’s call it 60! This is today
as of this writ­ing — This will change dras­ti­cal­ly in the future and I
invite you to revis­it this page five years from now!

This means that today we would need 60 ounces of Sil­ver to buy one sin­gle
ounce of Gold. That means the ratio is very high, and at some point it
will revert back to the his­tor­i­cal mean (as me men­tioned above, some­where
between twelve and six­teen).

See this ten year Gold Sil­ver ratio his­tor­i­cal chart here:


Start allo­cat­ing some of your invest­ing mon­ey today in some Sil­ver to
com­pli­ment your Gold in your per­son­al Pre­cious Met­als hold­ings — would be a
very smart thing to do. So don’t delay! Start to action that task today!

© Copy­right MMXIII RagingGoldenBull.com

Global Wealth Distribution 2013

Cred­it Suisse have just released their lat­est Glob­al Wealth Data­book 2013

The most inter­est­ing point is this dia­gram rep­re­sent­ing Glob­al Wealth dis­tri­b­u­tion:

distribution of wealth around the world for 2013

Glob­al Wealth Pyra­mid 2013

If you have a net worth of over 1m USD then con­grat­u­la­tions — you have done extreme­ly well. You are in the top 0.7% of the Worlds Pop­u­la­tion. You lucky, lucky, lucky .… Stag­ger­ing. Con­verse­ly almost 70% of the world have less than 10k USD wealth.

Here’s an inter­est­ing quote from the report:

Apart from the rich lists, which cov­er a rel­a­tive­ly small num­ber of named indi­vid­u­als, there is a  scarci­ty of infor­ma­tion on wealth hold­ings above USD 1 mil­lion. Sur­vey details are patchy at best, and offi­cial sta­tis­tics based on tax returns are often inad­e­quate giv­en the com­plex­i­ty of  wealth own­er­ship arrange­ments.

Down­load a copy of the PDF report here — its inter­est­ing read­ing. And while you are there grab a copy of the Glob­al Wealth Report 2013 — it’s worth a skim too.

© Copy­right MMXIII RagingGoldenBull.com

Rethink Your Finances — Gold and Silver Is The Only Real Money

The cur­rent illu­sion of mon­ey and finance are the biggest decep­tion in known his­to­ry.

Our lead­ers (against our bet­ter needs) have tak­en our mon­ey (gold and sil­ver was mon­ey for the last five thou­sand years) and replaced it with a bro­ken, worth­less cur­ren­cy.

You know this to be true and is born out every sin­gle day by the cease­less manip­u­la­tion of banks, stock quotes, ETF’s, gold and sil­ver prices, and indeed the stock of Gold and Sil­ver them­selves sup­pos­ed­ly held by the sov­er­eigns — in our so called Bank­ing & Invest­ment sec­tor.

Let us now join togeth­er and call it by it’s one true name — Theft.