One Hundred Years of the Federal Reserve

Just for fun — here is the two hun­dred years BIG pic­ture — so you can get a per­spec­tive on things. An angle on it, if you will:

Federal Reserve Centenary - Cause for Celebrations?

After one hun­dred years, look what they man­aged to do with the USD

The extreme right of the  graph rep­re­sents what is know in the trade as the “final death throes”…before final­ly expir­ing exhaust­ed after a long hard fought strug­gle, alas all in vain.

Well, well. They must be slap­ping each oth­ers on the back right now. Howl­ing
with laugh­ter. Tears of joy run­ning down their faces. — Pic­ture it:

Well done boys! We screwed them all for the last hun­dred years! Here’s to the  next hun­dred years of mon­ey print­ing and theft.


Signing of the Federal Reserve Act - December 23rd 1913

Woodrow Wil­son Sign­ing of the Fed­er­al Reserve Act — Decem­ber 23rd 1913

Make sure that you are stack­ing out­side the bank­ing sys­tem because these guys wont stop till they have the but­tons of your shirt …

So, how do you feel about that?

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