Rethink Your Finances — Gold and Silver Is The Only Real Money

The cur­rent illu­sion of mon­ey and finance are the biggest decep­tion in known his­to­ry.

Our lead­ers (against our bet­ter needs) have tak­en our mon­ey (gold and sil­ver was mon­ey for the last five thou­sand years) and replaced it with a bro­ken, worth­less cur­ren­cy.

You know this to be true and is born out every sin­gle day by the cease­less manip­u­la­tion of banks, stock quotes, ETF’s, gold and sil­ver prices, and indeed the stock of Gold and Sil­ver them­selves sup­pos­ed­ly held by the sov­er­eigns — in our so called Bank­ing & Invest­ment sec­tor.

Let us now join togeth­er and call it by it’s one true name — Theft.

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