BitCoin Knocking on Golds’ Front Door …

bitcoin parity with gold price

Bit­coin to rival gold?

Well it has come to pass…BitCoin is now knock­ing on Golds’ front door as it has been for some time now…In fact a very long time in Bit­Coin time units (a week or two).

There is only five USD dif­fer­ence between them. Imag­ine!

Will it hap­pen?

How high can this go?

Where will it (and even more impor­tant­ly Gold) go to next?

Well after a long hard strug­gle for the last five years the upstart cryp­to-cur­ren­cy is giv­ing gold a rol­lick­ing and chance to prove itself. What does this mean exact­ly? Has the plan­et gone nuts? Or has anoth­er par­a­digm shift tak­en place?

Be pre­pared for a jour­ney of thrills and adven­ture! Stay tuned folks!

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